Sculpture at the gates of Bilbao

Taller Museo Santxotena

Un atelier-musée est le lien direct entre le spectateur et l’artiste, une visite didactique à la genèse de l’œuvre, partant du laboratoire du volume et de la forme, pour atteindre à l’abstraction symbolique.

Taller Museo de Artziniega

A Museum-Workshop is the direct relationship between the spectator and the artist, an educational visit to the origin of the works from the laboratory of volume and form, to symbolic abstraction. Is a real world, submerged in a “cosmos” that the artist reduces to the forest, a tellurian construction, sown in the earth, abstract symbolism of a real situation, a commitment to harmony, and, above all for the peace in the world where we live: Gernika, Sarajevo, Kosovo…

A vision of life and death from the essence of nature. A pantheism, or could we even say a planetary, natural or sports cosmogony, or merely the perception of the usual working setting, the direct contact with creation, space and the work.

Museum-Workshop is a current art space, in this case also deep- rooted in the archaic, with audiovisual contents that are today essential to feel and understand any artistic space.

Artziniega (Araba – Álava).
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